What are Facet injections and what are the benefits?

A Facet Injection is an anti-inflammatory injection targeted toward a particular joint in the spine. This injection allows a temporary shut- down of pain signals and is performed after a CT scan to pinpoint the exact location for treatment.

Facet injections are pinpointed treatments for many areas of the spine. Stress, injury or arthritis can all cause spinal issues, specifically issues with the facet joints in the spine. Because the spine involves a complex intersection of muscular, skeletal and nervous systems, one issue can balloon into many problems or radiating pain. Our facet injections at Lakes Radiology in Morisset work to identify and treat the cause of your pain.

Benefits of facet injections:

Immediate pain relief

Depending on where you receive your facet joint injection, the procedure can work to relieve your pain quickly and efficiently. The injection uses a mix of numbing medications and time-delayed steroids to offer pain relief at varying intervals.

Reduce inflammation

The numbing medications work faster to relieve your pain, while the time-delayed steroids act later to reduce inflammation and continue the relief.

Pinpoints pain

To locate the exact area of pain, imaging is utilised to help pinpoint the precise location.

Avoid surgery

These injections are nonsurgical, but they bring incredible results. The diagnostic and therapeutic benefits of facet joint injections are second to none. Before considering surgery, come and visit our team to discuss if facet injections are suitable for you.

Read more about the procedure and preparation for facet injections HERE

Our practitioners pride themselves on providing precise, effective and compassionate treatment and aim to alleviate fears of those patients who have needle anxiety.

You don’t’ have to suffer in silence any longer, ask us about pain relief management options today!

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