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Myocardial Perfusion

Myocardial Perfusion

Myocardial Perfusion Study is a Nuclear Medicine Scan used to evaluate blood supply to the heart. The study takes images of your heart when at ‘rest’ and when ‘stressed’ from exercise or medication, with the gamma camera taking 3-D images of the heart. By comparing rest and stressed scans, potential heart disease can be identified.

A Myocardial Perfusion Study is a simple, non-invasive and low-risk study. During the examination you will be exposed to a small amount of radiation comparable to that received during a diagnostic x-ray. There is also a risk of an allergic reaction or mild side-effects (e.g. headache, nausea, light headedness, asthma, etc). If you have previously had an allergic reaction to a medication, you should tell Lakes Radiology before receiving the radiopharmaceutical injection. For both the exercise and the medically-induced ‘stress tests’ there is a very small risk of a heart attack (less than 4 in every 10,000) for those suffering coronary artery disease.

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