General Ultrasound

General ultrasound covers a range of scans including, Abdominal, Pelvic, Renal, Thyroid and Testes.

Depending on what your GP is asking for there will be preparation that varies for the individual scans and will be explained to you in detail when your appointment is booked.

Please bring your Medicare card, healthcare/pension card and any previous imaging reports related to the specific area being scanned

Abdominal Ultrasound

Prep – Fasting for 6 hours prior to scan including water, tea and coffee. This allows us to optimise
the study and to image the area requested as well as possible.

If you need to take medication in the morning a small amount of water with your tablets is fine.

If you are diabetic your appointment will be arranged first thing in the morning, please feel free to
bring something to eat directly after your ultrasound.

The scan will take approximately 30mins.

Renal Ultrasound

For a renal or kidney ultrasound we will ask you to fill your bladder prior to the scan and a 4 hour
fast to ensure optimal visualisation of your bladder and kidneys.

A detailed explanation of the preparation will be explained to you when you book your appointment.

As a part of the Renal ultrasound we will look at your bladder while it is full/distended and once it is empty. Both kidneys will also be scanned and imaged.

The scan will take approximately 20-30mins.

Pelvic Ultrasound

Preparation instructions will be given when booking your appointment for a pelvic ultrasound. A full bladder is required and you will need to drink approximately 750ml prior to your appointment.

The sonographer will scan your uterus and ovaries while your bladder is full, also checking your
kidneys as a part of the examination. An internal ultrasound will be offered to you to have a closer
look at the uterine and ovarian anatomy. You will be able to empty your bladder before this part of
the scan. An internal scan uses a transvaginal probe that is inserted into the vagina and allows closer imaging of the pelvic organs. This part of the examination should not be painful and if there is any discomfort please let the sonographer know.

The ultrasound will take approximately 30minutes.

Thyroid Ultrasound

For a thyroid ultrasound you do not need to prep in advance. If possible, wear a top or shirt that can be opened at the neck to allow good access for the gel and probe while we scan your thyroid and neck.

The scan will take approximately 20mins

Testicular Ultrasound

For a testicular ultrasound you will not require any prep prior to the scan. Before the examination
starts the sonographer will explain what the scan entails and the images taken. You will be asked to
remove your shorts/trousers and underpants and lay on the bed covered with a gown. You will be
kept as covered as possible during the scan. The sonographer will leave the room while you change
to give you privacy.

You may be asked to locate a palpable lump (if that is the problem) and both testes will be scanned to compare the symptomatic side with the unaffected testis.

The scan will take approx. 20-30mins.


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