A biopsy is the removal of tissue to determine whether disease is present, and the extent of the disease. The investigation site determines the method of biopsy and the type of imaging used to guide it. After tissue is collected, it is examined by a Pathologist in their lab. The result will then be forwarded to your referring doctor.


There is no specific preparation for a biopsy.

The following is recommended:

  • Patients should wear loose comfortable clothes (no zippers, buttons, jewellery or metallic accessories)
  • Patients should arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete paperwork
  • Patients must bring their request/referral form on the day (or check that their request/referral is at the practice)
  • Notify Lakes Radiology team of any allergies, existing medications and if there is a chance you could be pregnant


  • Patients will be asked to change into a gown
  • A pre-biopsy image will be taken
  • The entry site will be marked on the skin and the area sterilised
  • Local anaesthetic will be administered to numb the area
  • A technician / radiologist will place the needle into the investigation area and a tissue sample (or samples) taken
  • Needle is removed and pressure applied to the entry site to stop bleeding
  • A bandage is placed over the entry site
  • You may be required to stay after the procedure for observation
  • Pathology results take up to a week to be sent to your referring doctor
  • Patients are advised to contact their referring doctor for the results

Risks or Side Effects

  • Following the procedure you may feel discomfort at the site of the biopsy. ┬áIf this occurs, Paracetamol should control the discomfort.
  • If you have any concerns regarding the biopsy site, please contact your local doctor for assessment

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