Dental X-Ray

A Dental Panoramic Radiograph (also known as a panorex or orthopantomogram) is a panoramic dental x-ray showing a two-dimensional view of the mouth from ear to ear.


  • Patients should wear loose comfortable clothes (no zippers, buttons, jewellery or metallic accessories).
  • Patients should arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete paperwork
  • Patients must bring their request/referral form on the day (or check that their request/referral is at the practice)
  • Notify Lakes Radiology team of any allergies, existing medications and if there is a chance you could be pregnant


  • A radiographer / technician will invite the patient to the examination room
  • The patient will be asked to bite on a small plastic mouthpiece attached to the machine
  • The machine will rotate slowly around your head without actually making contact with your head
  • The patient images are interpreted by a radiologist
  • The results will be forwarded to the referring doctor/dentist
  • Patients should contact their referring doctor/dentist for the result

Risks or Side Effects

There are no known risks or after effects following the scan. Similar to x-rays, radiation levels are generally deemed too low to cause adverse health effects.

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