Epidural Injection

  • An ‘epidural’ is a therapeutic injection designed to provide relief from pain or inflammation in and around your spinal nerve roots.
  • This is accompanied by a CT Scan to help the technician/radiologist guide the injection exactly to the right location.


  • It is recommended that patients wear loose comfortable clothing .
  • Patients should arrive 10-15 minutes before the appointment to complete paperwork.
  • It is important to bring the referral form.
  • Patients should notify the Lakes Radiology team of any allergies, existing medications they have.
  • Patients should advise Lakes Radiology team prior to the appointment if they are on blood thinning/anticoagulants.
  • Patients should advise Lakes Radiology team if they may be pregnant.
  • The patient should have someone to drive them home following the procedure.


  • The doctor will discuss with you the site and nature of the pain as well as address any questions or concerns prior to the procedure.
  • The patient will be placed on their stomach or side.
  • A Clinician will identify the injection position and sterilise the skin with antiseptic.
  • A doctor may inject local anaesthetic to numb the area.
  • The exact position to locate the area will require imaging guidance.
  • The doctor will then carefully administer the epidural injection after having checked the position of the needle.

During the injection

  • Patients may feel tingling, ‘pins and needles’, pressure or a burning sensation- however this discomfort usually goes once the injection is complete.
  • If the patient feels sharp pains, they should advise the technician / radiologist immediately.

Risk or side-effects

  • In rare instances the patient may experience an infection at the injection site, bleeding.
  • If an x-ray /CT scan is used, the patient will be exposed to minimal low-level radiation.

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